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Swag Sessions: Featuring The SaraBeth Trio

Our most recent Swag Spotlight, Sarabeth spent some time with NYCountry Swag this week during her trip up to NYC.  Her bandmates, Vicky Vaughn and Glenn Mitchell joined her to create beautiful harmonies and their band named The Sarabeth Trio.  Check out their Swag Session LIVE from The Barrell Room

NYCountry Swag Spotlight: SaraBeth

Garland, Texas hometown of Lee Ann Rimes and our next Swag Spotlight, SaraBeth.  “Growing up she was what every singer in town aspired to be, if she could do it you could do it too,” SaraBeth explains of Rimes in a recent chat about growing up in Garland.  As a shy

SaraBeth beautiful on ‘I Want It That Way’ single, to tour the UK

Country songstress SaraBeth has released her new single, “I Want It That Way,” a remake of the Backstreet Boys song, and her version is glorious.  SaraBeth’s latest studio album debuted at No. 1 on the UK iTunes charts at the time of its release. Her new single (released on Circle S